Day One 2018

Night Frost Coffee Mug

So I’m trying very hard to not take it as a sign that the very first thing that happened with my new site is that my computer crashed.

Starting anything new is a combination of exciting and scary.  This adventure, however, is for fun, for me, for future projects, and maybe eventually a business, so I’m telling my self “no pressure”.  Since the process is not as intuitive as one would hope….reverting back to the thing that’s easy, writing, is where I’ll start.

First, Ron started his business, over 3 years ago.  It’s going well and he’s still enjoying it despite the occasional crash, curse or yelling I sometimes hear through the studio floor.  Mostly I hear saws, nail guns and blaring music from the shop below.  In nice weather I hear him talking to all the neighbors and curious passersby.   In the years that I was working full-time, and was in the studio/office on Mondays, I would hear all this and be irritated or jealous that he was down there doing something he loved and having fun (usually) and I was most likely on the phone or doing a mountain or emails and paperwork.  So, as things are happen, life evolves.

So, we decided to start something new….still in the baby stages….which might become something for me, maybe a family “brand”, maybe something bigger working with our community of artist friends and neighbors.  Thus, this site and the “ever-evolving” part of the story.

For now, this place will be mostly about my hobbies to see if they could become more.  My friends and family have been very supportive of my taking some time to explore all the things I love to do and haven’t had much time for lately.  Stay tuned….

And last for today, until I make more progress on the site…a little about the name Artisan and Sage.

We’ve been tossing around names and ideas for a while and were pretty attached to the Artisan part when I got lost down a Google rabbit hole and discovered a great book and many articles describing the seven parts of the soul.  Artisan and Sage are 2 of the 7 parts and seemed to fit very well the symbiotic relationship that exists in our home.  The final key was something I found that showed a pairing of the different sole types and the Artisan/Sage combo was perfect.  

Ron worked on my logo…and would love to have a makers mark one day, hopefully drawing by my daughter Rae, since I’ve given her the inspiration as well. My daughter Maddie, helped with edits and advice and art direction.  I’m sure things will change as I receive more feedback, but in the meantime….here we are.


Thanks for the interest, support and/or comments.



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