February 2018



Start of a new month, start of a new project.  The possibilities are either limitless or daunting depending on how much coffee I’ve had.  January was a little “all over the place” so starting a new month with some structure in place sounds good.

For me structure equals: To Do Lists & Deadlines

Feb Wk 1- Start building a website….launch deadline April 15.

Feb Wk 2- Get back to the wheel and throw some of those mugs everyone keeps asking about. Etsy shop launch deadline May 1.

Feb Wk 3- Review and edit weeks one and two work when you realize it’s not great.

Feb Wk 4 Accomplish at least 50% of each day’s to do list and then reevaluate how many things are on each day’s To Do list, cause you have a tendency to go a little crazy with how much you think you can do in 10 hours. Revise deadlines and add in online classes.   Also, read more blogs since I think you need help at this.


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