About Us


Welcome to Artisan and Sage.

We began this new adventure in 2018 and it was a great year learning new things, exploring passions and connecting with friends and neighbors.  I created this site as a way to explore all of those things, and as a place to compile and share my collection of hobbies, projects and artwork. the idea for now is to show my work, but we also see this as a family brand and collective endeavor since Ron and I planning some collaborations.

About the name… In it’s simplest form, those who know me and my husband, Ron, would probably surmise that he’s the Artisan and I’m the Sage.  And for the most part, that has always been the case.  In researching a name for my potential business and for my artwork, we discussed many variations of “Artisan.” During this process,  I happened upon research speaking to variations of soul types and was fascinated by the concept.  The short version is that I immediate identified with two of the seven soul types, Artisan and Sage, both expressive roles.  The descriptions far surpass the obvious meanings, so before you think I’m call myself the wise one-it’s more about being the verbal one, where Ron’s strength in expression is more visual. When I found a pairing of these two in particular, it so perfectly captured the dynamic of our relationship….well, it just seemed to fit. A piece of the fun and excitement in beginning Artisan and Sage lies in a bit of role reversal. I, now, have some time to explore visual expression, Ron gets to take on the verbal role with more frequency.   I’m explaining this so that as the site expands and I begin to include more than just my artwork, you’ll understand the synergy between the two family adventures…how they sometimes intersect and at other times, we’re doing our own thing.

On to the work. We’ve always had this little inside family joke when exploring art, hobbies and crafts.  We see unique items or pieces that we like and say “we can make that!”  Sometimes we can, sometimes we’re overly optimistic about our skills and available free time, and sometimes it pushes us to try new and challenging things.  We also have a habit of going “all in” when we want to try something…Please don’t ask how many beads, colored pencils, tubes of paint, boxes of shells, bags of mosaic pieces, pads of art paper, journals, jars of glaze or pieces of wood are in our house.  Some things stick, some not so much.  The one that is sticking for me is pottery.  That’s what you’ll be seeing here…with maybe the occasional beading project, painting or mosaic thrown in to keep things interesting.  I will be working to keep an updated  gallery of pieces on this site and a small offering of pieces available to purchase.  

While we continue to evolve, the one thing that both Ron and I are attached to is the idea of bring a  little function, a little fun, a touch of nature and a feeling of things well-loved to our work. Like that favorite bowl from grandma or that antique chair, we believe all things get better with love and use. Thanks for visiting!

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