April 2018

Snow in April, makes it feel a little like winter is still here, but the year is flying by quickly and deadlines are quickly approaching. Looking back to my first post in February, I set a launch deadline for April 20th so one more round of edits, asking a few friends and relatives to do another pass through and I’ll soon be official.

Last remaining big “To Do” is the logo. We’ve been playing around with it for a couple of months and believe we are over-thinking it, as is common around our house. Nothing like the need to have business cards next week, to help the decision process.

Also, it seems, nothing like not working full time to give the illusion of endless hours to get everything on the last 10 year’s worth of wish lists done in a few months. Turns out, it really doesn’t work that way. I am accomplishing some things on that list, adding others, and feeling a little guilty all the time for not getting more done. Today, I’m blaming it on the fact that it’s almost the middle of April and still 35 degrees.

Gearing up for my first Pop-Up Sale May 5th and 6th at 1100 Florence. Thank you Evanston Made!

February 2018



Start of a new month, start of a new project.  The possibilities are either limitless or daunting depending on how much coffee I’ve had.  January was a little “all over the place” so starting a new month with some structure in place sounds good.

For me structure equals: To Do Lists & Deadlines

Feb Wk 1- Start building a website….launch deadline April 15.

Feb Wk 2- Get back to the wheel and throw some of those mugs everyone keeps asking about. Etsy shop launch deadline May 1.

Feb Wk 3- Review and edit weeks one and two work when you realize it’s not great.

Feb Wk 4 Accomplish at least 50% of each day’s to do list and then reevaluate how many things are on each day’s To Do list, cause you have a tendency to go a little crazy with how much you think you can do in 10 hours. Revise deadlines and add in online classes.   Also, read more blogs since I think you need help at this.



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