Creative wanderings

From time to time, other projects will appear…Painting, weaving, and maybe a drawing or two. 


It’s been a while since I spent time on updates, so lots of new things in the “other” projects category!  Inspiration comes from friends and life. Read some Random thoughts about life and “good stuff’

Thanks @amanda_evanston for the evening of fun and inspiration!  It’s been a while since I painted and it was great to remember how much I love it, regardless of result and get back into trying new things.  Thanks, also for the great tips, tricks and techniques. 

Wildflowers #1


Decided to move my wheel inside to the sunporch for the fall/winter/spring and decided that I needed a drop cloth for the floor and to eliminate some clay splatter.  Also decided to do a cloth for under my new easel in the office.  So…taking advantage of a sunny fall day!

Dropcloth midway through splatters

A little under painting start on a stressful November morning….still sitting there waiting to be finished, but I’m enjoying the unfinished version.

Relieving a little manic energy on the morning of the Midterms.

New obsession:  Coil baskets from yarn or fabric and rope! Thanks to @artwithpeople for teaching and @collagecafe for hosting.  Made one in class, second at home the next night and another.

Start with the coils…
Finished basket from class with @Artwithpeople hosted by @collagecafe. Thanks Angela and Lindy!

And the latest creative adventure, because 2020 demands creative therapy.

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